Principle 1 – Satisfy the Customer…through early and continuous delivery.

Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer
through early and continuous delivery
of valuable software.

Breaking this down (actively in progress). We’ll open comments on this shortly to allow for structured feedback, but work in process will be displayed.

  • Our highest priority
    • “Our” refers to signatories of the Manifesto, but who is “our” in your situation? You? Your team? Your organization?
  • Our highest priority
    • Fair to say that alluding to customer satisfaction as the highest priority assumes our context is narrowed to business and organizational activity, not health and welfare and “higher values” in the broad sense. There are principles and values that are higher priority than adhering to the Agile Manifesto!
  • …satisfy the customer…
    • Which customer? What about multiple customers?
    • Could be restated as “continuously satisfying the customer through the delivery of valuable software,” and favoring early delivery.
    • Could remove “software” and upgrade “satisfy” to “delight” in keeping with 2020 era language and expectations around customer experience.