About Agile Manifest

Agile Manifest is launching in early 2019, so if you’ve arrived here before then, welcome!

Agile Manifest seeks to be your first stop for exploring current and best practices in the Agile world. Given the rapidly expanding world of experiments, frameworks, and anecdotes, we’ll be a hub with valuable original and curated content.

We’ll neither advocate a single framework nor attempt to be an Agile encyclopedia. Ultimately, we want to help you design, implement, and refine the application of Agile principles in your organization: to adopt a practice is to adapt a practice. Whether as an ongoing DIY project or a multi-vendored digital transformation effort, check here first for ideas and resources!

If we’re really fortunate, Agile Manifest will attract the kind of readers and writers that enable it to be a thriving online community of Agile enthusiasts and practitioners helping each other along the journey of continuous improvement.